trailheadI am a health and life coach, mother, and professional designer proud to provide advice for Fitness, Nutrition, Budgeting, Finances, Minimizing, Decluttering, Doodling, Design, Writing, Parenting, and Relationships.

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What’s on your bucket list? I am here to help.

Together we will make it happen.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    You liked a comment I made on Chris’s blog. He reblogged my article on How to Host a Guest Author. I wanted to come to thank you and introduce myself. I’m Janice.
    In response to what you wrote: My bucket list? Well, I climbed the Great Wall of China about a year ago. That was on my bucket list but I did it.
    If you need any blogging tips, maybe you can check out my blog. That’s what I write about and I have blog parties.

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    1. Hi Janice! I was just on your blog! I was reading about how to get your mentorship. I feel like I’m probably too late to win that. I have a host server through WordPress already but I sure would value any input you have on my blog. I am very new to this and very open to help

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      1. Hi Melissa,
        Thanks for your reply. You are at the right place. I always help my readers. We also have groups on this blog where we can get help from each other.
        Congratulations on starting your blog recently.
        I’d be happy to help you free of charge. If you could take just a moment to follow my blog, I’d appreciate it. I always make time for my followers. I wish I could help everyone but I work outside the home as a teacher.

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  2. You know, it’s interesting when talking about not harping on fears. I actually use my fears to propel me forward. It’s easy for me to see myself in a better place. Yet if not for the bad things that could potentially happen by not doing anything in life, I would slack like I use to when I was living at home growing up. I need to see how bad things could be in order for not to want to end up in a bad place. Coming to terms with reality, that burden of proof, is what works in making me get off the couch and work.

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